I typed ‘The End’ – book 2 will be out soon!!

As I said on my facebook author fan page – I’ve just finished editing book 2 – Playing by His Rules.

The manuscript has now gone off to my publisher’s proofreader and I will hopefully get a release date in the near future. I will say that I expect it to be out before the end of March 2015.

Playing by His Rules tells the story of Xander & Chloe, and how they overcome the odds as they learn to trust each other. It’s a fair bit longer than my first short story Playing for Keeps, in fact it’s almost twice as long, but Xander is such a sensual man I needed more time to get his story across. 

Caught in the act

Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite…

To set the scene Xander has taken Chloe to a bdsm club lecture. The master on stage is explaining safe methods of bondage to his audience:

“If you look closely at Kayla’s cuffs you will see that they are soft leather. You need to ensure they fit your partner snuggly, but you should still be able to slip a finger in between the cuff and the sub’s skin.” Damien slipped a couple of fingers easily under the cuff on Kayla’s wrist and ran them around under the leather binding. The cuffs appeared slack enough to be comfortable, but not so loose that they would slip off Kayla’s wrist. He turned again to address the audience. “If the binding is too tight, you can cause circulation problems, not to mention bruising and skin chafing.” The look he conveyed on the audience was stern, and Chloe knew instinctively that he was not a man who took his responsibilities lightly. “Ensuring the comfort of your sub’s bindings will only serve to enhance her pleasure and your own.”

Pleasure? She cast a sideways look at Xander. How soon would he expect her to indulge him in this fantasy? Would he be cross if she refused? She nibbled on her lip uncertainly. Her chest felt tight and she struggled to breathe as panic assailed her. She tried to recall their earlier discussion in the office.

Everything he had said earlier about a submissive being the one in control, the one who held the power in a D/s relationship caused her to pause. Had he been truthful? Moreover, could she trust him? She remembered how he had made her hold tight to the bedstead the previous night, and how he had exerted his control over her body pausing in his actions until she had complied with his requests. Moisture pooled between her folds and she wriggled in her seat trying to get comfortable. She wondered if she would have felt the same excitement if he had tied her to the bed.

She wasn’t sure. At the time, she had enjoyed his mastery of her mind and her body. She had complied with his wishes, but it had felt more like an erotic game they were playing than a serious issue. She cast her eye over the girl tied to the bed on the stage. That was definitely serious.

She’d loved having Xander take charge, she’d had the strongest orgasm of her life, but if he wanted more… if he wanted to tie her up… gag her…. She didn’t know if she could take things that far, give up her control and let him control her altogether.


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