HOT new release…. MASQUERADE is now live !!

Masquerade Book cover


Vampires, menages, witches, BDSM, sex clubs, Dommes, subs, zombies. These eight original stories by some of today’s hottest erotic romance writers have one thing in common – a Masquerade. Behind a facade, the constraints of society fade, and fantasies come to life. Lose yourself in the Masquerade, and explore your wildest desires. Let the games begin…

C.P. Mandara – Dancing With Death
Alisa Easton – Masked Desires
Paige Matthews – Secrets
Glenda Horsfall – Under Cover
Gale Stanley – Optical Illusions
Kayla Lords – The Iron Maiden
Dakota Skye – Dominating Justice
Hunter S. Jones – Fables Deux

Here’s a little bit about all the authors who contributed – go check them out:

C.P. Mandara – Dancing With Death

Christina Mandara is a UK authoress and currently has five books in print: The Riding School, Learning the Ropes, Hot to Trot, Named and Shamed, and A Rough Ride.

Monsieur Martinet is no ordinary vampire. He is a master at his craft and can control humans with the merest flick of his eyelids. The vampire huntress with the porcelain skin and flaming red hair has killed all of his brethren, without exception and he now seeks the ultimate revenge: her submission in HIS bed.

Alisa Easton – Masked Desires

Alisa is a reader, a writer, a daydreamer, a lover, and an ice cream eater. She loves her fiction the way she loves her life – with plenty of steam.

Clara had been accused of many things but daring had never been one of them. Everything changes the night she attends a masquerade ball with her best friend. Her identity hidden behind a mask, Clara is free of her inhibitions to live her wildest fantasies.

Paige Matthews – Secrets

Paige Matthews grew up in New England and currently lives there with her family. She writes erotic romance and erotica with BDSM themes. Currently, Paige has five novels published and another series coming. Join her on her website for more.

Secrets are always hidden. Masquerade balls hide what we don’t want known. Combine them together and you have one erotic tale of firsts, secrets and reveals.

Gale Stanley – Optical Illusions

Gale Stanley was born in Philadelphia PA. She was the kid who always had her nose in a book, her head in the clouds, and her hands on a pad and pencil. Some things never change.

Once upon a time, Maggie was easy prey for a pedophile. Now she prefers fantasy to physicality. Then one enchanted evening she meets a man who tempts her beyond all reason.

Kayla Lords – The Iron Maiden

Erotic writer, sex blogger, living the BDSM lifestyle, and drinking tea – all with a bit of sass and sarcasm.

Sir and Babygirl have tested their limits before. This time, they’re taking it to whole new level – and making a new friend along the way.

Dakota Skye – Dominating Justice

Dakota Skye is a paranormal erotic romance author fascinated by all thing unexplained in the Universe. Her books include a Blurred Lines, Impact Zone, Uncharted Territory, SnowBound, and the short story Dominating Justice (Masquerade).

Lawyer by day, sex den owner by night, witch all the time, Melinda Dubois is an expert at keeping secrets. When the thorn-in-her-side Judge Bradley Bennett becomes The Den’s newest elite client, she looks forward to playing Domme and doling out some justice of her own. As vulnerabilities are exposed and masks removed, the question becomes—who is dominating whom?

Hunter S. Jones – Fables Deux

Writer. Originally from Tennessee now living in Atlanta, GA – an Exile on Peachtree Street. I make things up and write them down. Author of the best-selling romantic series, September Stories, and some hot steamy erotica.

Fables Deux, follow up to the erotic steampunk novella, Fables of the Reconstruction, finds the time traveling zombies Pierre von Minxle and Mary Montague in 2014. You’ll never believe where they are and what they are into now.

Glenda Horsfall – Under Cover

My own short story, Under Cover, is also included in this anthology. This has been a great project to be involved in, and I am proud to call these wonderful erotic authors friends. Writing this book has been fun and we hope that you all enjoy reading our bit of mischief!

Under Cover – Learn how the punishment for disobeying her master can be both pleasure and pain…. Here’s a short excerpt to tease….

“Come here!”

She approached slowly, swaying her hips seductively in an attempt to tempt and sooth his ire. When she was only several feet from him, he held up his hand to halt her progress and her stomach plummeted with disappointment. She wanted to feel his arms around her, she needed the taste of his lips after his long absence, but it looked like he was going to deny her that comfort.

“Turn.” He held a finger in the air and made a circling motion indicating that he wanted her to twirl.

She spun around slowly, letting the skirt of her dress puff out and billow around her. She held her arms out at her side giving him a full view of her body encased in the silk and wafting hints of her perfume around the room before she came to a halt, facing him once again.

“Do you know why you are going to be punished?”

“Yes, Master.” She played with the rings on her finger.

“Look at me.”

She lifted her head slowly and was dismayed at the bleak look on his face. She hated that she disappointed him. He had worked tirelessly training her to obey his commands and yet she had let him down and disobeyed a direct order. She had no one to blame but herself for being so weak and giving in to the demands of her body. She had missed him.

“Tell me.” His voice was harsh and she could see the muscle that beat rapidly at the side of his jaw. “Tell me exactly why you are being punished.”

She was overcome with shame at causing him so much distress and unable to look at him. She closed her eyes as she hastily stuttered, “I am… to be punished… for pleasuring myself in your absence.”

He raised an eyebrow in query encouraging her to expand her answer. The butterflies in her stomach took flight as she hastily added, “And for allowing myself to cum against your instructions.”



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