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I was asked to participate in this awesome blog tour by the extremely talented Penelope Syn – Learn a little bit more about Penelope, in her own words, below…

“I am a slightly crazy girl and I often get tied up in things, and I know I don’t see the world the way other people do. I’ve always been a keen observer of people and relationships, and I have seen some very interesting things, and done a few! I love to write out my fantasies, desires, and dreams, and I firmly believe that just because something is different or unusual doesn’t make it bad; all that matters are love and respect. I hope you like them too, and maybe they open a window for you to see things a little bit differently too. Stay safe!”

 Penelope Syn

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Thanks for asking me to participate Penelope, it’s been great fun. I am happy to answer the four questions on #mywritingprocess

What am I working on?

Currently I’m working on book 2 in the ‘Playing’ series – ‘Playing by His Rules’ which is the follow up to ‘Playing for Keeps’ which will be released August -September 2014.

The ‘Playing’ books all focus on the Alpha males who own and run a group of exclusive BDSM clubs. They are all dominant with their own special brand of ‘kink’!

I call it a series, but each of the books can be read as a stand alone, and there are no cliff-hangers.  Of course, you may just want to read more than one, in order to find out what the other members of the club board have been getting up to in their love lives!!


‘Playing by His Rules’ is the story of Xander and Chloe. He’s an embittered man determined never to trust a woman again. Chloe has just escaped from an emotionally controlling and sometimes violent ex-boyfriend.  Staying in town overnight to attend an interview for a job she desperately needs, Chloe lets her caution down and seeks comfort in the arms of Xander. She fully intends it to be a one-night only event.  Imagine her horror when, the following day, she discovers that he is no other than her prospective employer.  He’s annoyed that he still wants her and determined that he will not make her his employee.  The position he has in mind is something much more satisfying!


I’ve posted a bit of their second meeting below for you to enjoy.

“Well Chloe, looks like we meet again!”  His tone was mocking.

Chloe was stunned, unable to think straight. She had held herself motionless, almost rigid with shock as she endured his silent appraisal.  Could her luck get any worse?  Her prospective employer and her one night stand were one and the same.

Last night she had basked in his approval, this morning he was looking at her with disdain. She couldn’t understand why he looked so angry. Her stomach churned and she felt nauseous as it hit her that she had blown her chance of getting the job. She cursed herself for her actions the previous night. What the hell had possessed her?

He was silently awaiting her reply. He looked puzzled and his eyes searched her face as if he was trying to read her thoughts.  Pinned to the spot she inwardly squirmed. The swine was enjoying her discomfort!  Unable to meet his gaze she posed her response to the window over his shoulder.

“You’re Xander Doumas I presume?” She flushed embarrassed to her soul.

From the corner of her eye she caught the nod he gave in reply to her question. Christ the man knew every inch of her intimately and she had to ask him to confirm his name. She wriggled in her chair mortified.

He continued to look at her. His gaze was probing and she felt trapped by his silent study. She bit her lip in consternation and would have sworn she heard him growl low and deep in his throat.  Her gaze swung back to his face; she could do nothing more than look at him as passion flared in his eyes. His gaze was now fixed on her swollen bottom lip.

Her shoulders slumped in defeat as she accepted that there was no way she was going to be offered the position she had applied for. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes breaking eye contact with him. She couldn’t think straight when he looked at her like that. Her best course of action, to save them both from further embarrassment, would be to terminate the interview.

Decision made, she rose from her chair. Holding her slim briefcase in front of her like a shield, she backed away from the conference table dismayed at how events had turned out.

“Well, Mr…” she hated herself for stumbling on his name, “Mr Doumas,” she spoke rapidly, her voice shaky with nerves, “as there doesn’t seem to be a lot of point in going through with this interview under the circumstances I’m…”

“Sit down!” The look he gave her was uncompromising. His tone was harsh and brooked no argument.

She looked at him in disbelief; surely he didn’t intend to go through with this farce. He hadn’t moved from the chair but he was now leaning forward across the table, pointing to the chair she had just vacated. “Sit.”

Who the hell did he think he was talking to? She wasn’t about to obey a command she’d normally expect to hear directed at a dog!

She had just survived one controlling relationship. She had let Nick speak to her like that, and it had been a mistake.  She wasn’t about to let anyone else control her. She shook her head slowly, and continued backing away from the table.

He rose, towering over the table as he walked slowly around it. He stopped short of her and casually hitched one hip against the table with his arms crossed over his broad chest.  Not once did he take his eyes off her. She couldn’t deny the delicious tingle throughout her body at the sight of him.  He made no move towards her, just stayed where he was; half perched on the corner of the table.  The position pulled his pants tight and showed off his muscular thighs. Memories of the previous evening came rushing back and a flood of longing nearly overwhelmed her. Her own carnal thoughts caused her to blush and brought a sardonic smirk to his mouth; bastard, he knew exactly what effect he was having on her.

However, he was no longer the attentive lover of the previous night; now he looked like an employer about to give a reprimand.  The pulse at the side of his jaw beat a rapid tattoo and his eyes were cold. He looked like he was fighting to control his temper. Her heartbeat increased as she wondered what his next move would be. She flung a hasty glance over her shoulder gauging the distance to the door.

“If you don’t sit down now and do as you are told,” he said conversationally, as if he saw nothing out of the ordinary in their circumstance, “I will put you over my knee and spank you for willful disobedience.”

She was aghast, surely she had misheard him. “You can’t say that to an employee. It’s harassment. It’s assault.” Her breath caught in her throat and her heart raced. “You wouldn’t dare!”

“You’re not an employee yet, and, yes I would!” he replied; seeming not at all fazed by her outburst.

Her legs started to tremble and she could feel her heart pounding in her chest.  Was he  serious?  She studied him for a second on two trying to assess the risk, but she no longer trusted her own judgment. He had made no further move towards her but a flashback to the first time Nick had raised his hand to her, exploded through her consciousness. Bitterness at the mistreatment she had suffered, hardened her resolve. She refused to become a victim again and she did not intend to hang around and give him the chance to carry out his threat.

She spun on her heel and bolted for the door, adrenalin and fear pounding through her veins. She felt little relief as she stepped into the corridor and slammed the door behind her. She walked as quickly as she could without drawing unwanted attention as she headed toward the bank of elevators at the end of corridor.  Panic beat a steady rhythm in her chest as she endeavored not to break into a run. Keeping her gaze focused on the elevators she managed to avoid turning around to see if he was following her, but she listened intently for any sound behind.

She didn’t know him well enough to know how he was going to react.  Would he follow her?  Would he carry out his threat?  Her mind was racing as she mentally ran through the possibilities. How long did she have to get back to her room, collect her bags and get as far away from him as possible?

Xander was stunned and unable to move for a second or two. What the hell? She had looked terrified and he berated himself for being a bastard as he launched himself across the room. He threw the door open and saw her retreating back.

“Angel, stop!”

She cast a quick panic struck glance over her shoulder before increasing her speed down the corridor, each step taking her further away from him.  Shit! What a bloody mess.

He was going to have to follow her and try to put things right, but there was no way he was going to be caught running through the hotel after her.  The hotel staff would love that spectacle, no doubt, but he was determined not to become fodder for the gossip mill again.  He stayed poised in the doorway, ignoring the speculative glances flung in his direction by passers by, until she turned the corridor.

Once she was out of sight he pulled the door shut behind him and set off after her, his gait measured and controlled, he stalked her shadow.  Had his quip about spanking set off the panic that had caused her to run?

As he made his determined way through the corridors of the hotel, he thought back to her file.  He recalled mention of a court case where she had been the victim of assault.

He was an idiot! He had threatened to spank her. In the circumstances it was no wonder she had run.  She wouldn’t have seen spanking as a form of erotic foreplay, she would have seen it as a threatened assault. No wonder she had taken off like a scared rabbit. He reached the elevators just as the doors closed and he stood to watch as the light indicated a stop at her floor.  Frustrated at the delay he raked his fingers through his hair as he awaited the arrival of the next elevator. He was full of self-loathing and sick to his stomach at the thought of how distressed she must be. He doubted she’d willingly give him the chance to apologize.


How does my work differ from others of its genre? 

I think my books have a very romantic feel and can be enjoyed by all romance readers, even those who would not normally read a BDSM themed book. I don’t write hardcore BDSM, if I’m honest, I wouldn’t know where to start. I would say my books have a very light, slightly naughty, BDSM theme with a high quota of passion.

I like traditional romance. I want a Happy Ever After ending, but I also love a bit of spice!


Why do I write what I do?

I love romance, pure and simple.

I want to pick up a book and take a magical journey to fantasy land!

There’s nothing better than curling up with a good book, which makes you feel great, and has a happy ending.  Now I write my own as I can guarantee I will get the outcome I want!  How selfish of me…

I want to be able to give my readers the satisfaction of seeing the story develop, to have them warm to the characters and empathise with them as they struggle to reach their happy every after.  I want them to be in love with the main characters and routing for them all the way.  I want them cheering them on when they reach their happy ever after.


How does my writing process work?

I’ve got to hold my hand up – I’m lazy!

Ideas come to me at the oddest times; I can be baking, ironing or just driving when an idea will pop into my head.  I’ll rush to the keyboard and type a snippet or two to save the concept. I may not look at it again for a week or two, but during that time I am building the story in my head, adding to the original idea and expanding the plot.

I rarely sit down and write out a plot or character analysis. I am definitely a ‘by the seat of my pants’ writer who just likes to sit down and let the words flow.

There is no point whatsoever in my sitting down and trying to write some steamy sex scene when I’m not feeling romantic. I definitely have to be ‘in the mood’ and caught up in the romance and passion of what I am writing, that being the case I’m sure you can understand that my writing tends to come in ‘spurts’!☺ No pun intended!

I have a wonderful editor, who pushes me in the right direction and keeps me on the straight and narrow. She’ll soon rap my knuckles if I veer off at a tangent and she helps to keep me focused.  I have a tendency to work late at night – the quiet hours when the rest of the house is asleep – which works well with my editor as she is on the other side of the Atlantic. I also think better during those quiet nights.


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