Matt gets off reading Cassie’s book…


I’ve finally decided to join in the fun of Masturbation Monday!  Below is a excerpt from Playing for Keeps, my debut novel.  Cassie has been giving Matt a hard time. She wants to spice things up in their bedroom and experiment with role-play. He hasn’t been too keen on the idea and they’ve had another row.  Leaving her apartment he snags a couple of the romance books she’s been reading – he’s going to see if he can figure out what’s got her so hot and bothered, and wanting to try something new….

Matt sits down to read Cassie's book...

Matt sits down to read Cassie’s book…

He arrived back at his own apartment, bewildered, not able to believe the evening which had started off so well, had ended so badly. Unable to even think about sleep as he was still so wound up, not to mention sexually frustrated, he poured himself a drink and settled down to have a look at the books which he blamed for all their troubles.

Several hours later Matt finished the first of the books he had taken from Cassie’s apartment.  The book had been an anthology of short stories, all of which were based around a BDSM club run by bikers.  The men were all Dominant, the women submissive.  No wonder she wanted to play.  The stories she had been reading were sexy enough to turn a corpse on! He had taken himself in hand several times throughout the book, especially when the action heated up between a Master and sub.

Reading the book had done nothing to ease his frustration.  Although some of the scenes had been, in his opinion, extreme and borderline abusive, a lot were more positive, emphasizing the fact that those within the BDSM scene had to have total trust in their partner.  A submissive put all of her trust in her Dom; he in return ensured her sexual satisfaction and made sure that she was well taken care of in other ways.  If what he had read was true, then a good Dom who knew what he was doing could actually get his submissive to orgasm on command. Christ, imagine that!  Just the thought had him hard.

He vaguely recalled that on a guys’ night out several months earlier, a couple of his friends, slightly drunk at the time, had discussed the best clubs for those in the lifestyle. He did recall James saying that he and his girlfriend were stronger than ever before as a couple once they had begun to explore the lifestyle, as he called it.  He would give James a ring tomorrow and get more information from him.

His trousers were already undone; the hard on he had had all the way through reading the book had not dissipated.  He leaned back into the chair; spreading his legs. He fisted his rigid cock and closed his eyes.  He could imagine Cassie down on her knees before him, her mouth wrapped around his rigid length as she took him deep into her throat. He stroked himself slowly at first, letting the fantasy carry him as he imagined the sensation of her tongue curling around his head, licking and kissing her way down the length of his erection. His legs trembled slightly and he smeared the bead of pre-cum down the length of his cock, before grasping himself tighter, imagining himself inside her warm moist body.  As he stroked himself with greater urgency, he fantasized that he had Cassie kneeling between his legs as he commanded her to suck him faster and harder. Panting like he was running a marathon he stroked himself quicker and quicker as he reached for his release. Shit, he could feel his orgasm about to blow!  His last thought before his ejaculation brought his brain to a screaming halt was that he would love to look in her eyes as she swallowed all he could give her.

As he lay in bed still unable to sleep, he pondered on exactly what it was Cassie was looking for.  All the subs in her book got really turned on just by the act of submission.  He began to suspect that what Cassie was really looking for was domination in the bedroom. She really wanted to submit, not role-play!

“Well honey, if that’s what you want…  That’s what you’re going to get,” he murmured, before he fell asleep exhausted.

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